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zibra brushes are an economical and made with a hardwood handle, aluminum insert, threaded nail pins, 100% American epoxy glue, stainless steel ferrule, wood insert, and SMOOTH BRISTLE TECHNOLOGY. 


2 inch angled palm pro

  • designed for trim and detail painting
  • angled shape ensures precise, even coverage
  • unique design allows your hand and fingers to relax producing maximum control and comfort.


1 inch round

  • perfect for chairs, spindles, and detail work. 
  • ergonomic handle for maximum comfort.

Zibra brushes

  • CURBSIDE PICKUP at the inspired storefront.  after your purchase; you will be contacted about times for pickup. thank you for shopping at inspired. 

    we are working on our shipping platform .  

    thank you for your patience. 

  • all sales are FINAL 

    • if there is an issue, please contact us and we will review on a case by case basis

    thank you for supporting small business

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