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Fusion™ TSP Alternative is a concentrated water-based degreaser used to thoroughly clean a painted surface prior to applying paint. highly efficient, it removes oil, grease, fingerprints, stains and other contaminants, which will improve the adhesion and the look of subsequent coatings.

  • safe to use on all surfaces (wood, paint, gypsum, melamine, plastics, metals and glass). Fusion™ TSP Alternative contains no phosphates.

  • no rinsing required


Ultra Grip

  • have a really tricky surface to paint? UG allows for Fusion™ to adhere to surfaces that are typically not for painting such as a lacquered surface, laminate, metal or glass.


Fusion™ extender is great for those who want a longer open time with the paint, to help minimize the look of brush strokes and to extend drying time.

  • recommended ratio of 15 mL per pint (500 mL) of paint.
  • using too much of this product will increase drying time substantially, but also increases cure time.
  • add maximum 10% of original paint volume.
  • makes fusion mineral paint and other water based paints flow more smoothly
  • reduces brush and roller marks and wear on spray guns


Odorless Solvent

  • removes waxes from surfaces for prepping furniture 
  • cleans used wax brushes 
  • can be used to remove sticky residue from price tag stickers and more 
  • it's a great PREP product to have on hand at all times
  • refined to remove the more aromatic and toxic compounds, a high refinement of 99.9% of the aromatics removed
  • 8.45 ounces



  • made of recycled pigment & gives you high hiding coverage.
  • its purpose is to take you from a dark colour to a light colour in fewer coats of regular Fusion Mineral Paint.  
  • this does not have the same adhesion or durability as our regular Fusion Mineral Paint as it uses recycled pigments but that’s why it’s approx half the price!
  • it is not a primer and DOES NOT seal or block against resin or tannin bleed through, and should be used on surfaces ready and prepped. be sure to use a Zinsser BIN shellac-based primer for bleed through concerns.


-check out for video tutorials


-join the fusion mineral paint "Paint it Beautiful" FB group for more inspiration

Fusion™ prep products

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