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Fusion™ mineral paint 7 NEW colors in 2 sizes for your convenience.  

  • pint covers 75 sf
  • tester is 1.25 fl oz. for small crafts or to test a color on a wall or furniture


  • 100% acrylic resin
  • exceptional coverage
  • indoor /outdoor
  • self-leveling
  • matte finish with built in top coat
  • easy to use


cambridge: a deep and elegantly weathered blue. this shade boasts grey but leads with blue, leaving you with a confident and classic shade.

pair with chateau for a classic feel, coal black for a traditional look.


carriage house: a mid-tone shade that is effortlessly balanced with a punchy green and serene grey for a charming but grounding look.  

pair with cobblestone for a traditional look, parchment for a stunning earthy vibe.


cast iron: sturdy and bold, cast Iron is a true off-black. this shade leans into its strong warm undertones and is as timeless and enduring as its namesake.

pair with cashmere for a bold contrast, coal black for a sophisticated tonal lookjust as its name suggests.


newell:  soft and earthy, this mid-tone green is perfectly balanced. rounded out in both green and grey, newell is an eternal sage.

pair with chateau for a serene and tranquil feel, ash for a confident statement.


parchment: inspired by the timeless quality of its namesake, parchment is an off-white that is effortlessly multi-tone. an alluring but subtle mix that leads with its green undertones.

pair with ash for an unexpected contrast, eucalyptus for a feeling of tranquillity.


wellington: bold and enchanting, this shade is perfectly balanced in green, black and subtle bronze undertones for a confident, everlasting look.

pair with cast iron for a contemporary twist, manor green for a striking look.


wood wick: inspired by candle-lit evenings, wood wick is a cozy, mid-tone brown. this shade pulls its tone from opposite ends and meets confidently in the middle.

pair with raw silk for a warm complement, algonquin for a rich palette.


-check out for video tutorials


-join the fusion mineral paint "Paint it Beautiful" FB group for more inspiration

NEW Fusion™ 2023 LOST AT SEA collection

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