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owner, judi burrows


shopkeeper, furniture rescuer, designer and curator for inspired (


the shop is a mix of vintage modern with a nod toward urban farmhouse, cottage, mid-century and industrial design. we use vignettes to show how to mix antiques with your decor, offer advice on interior design and create custom pieces for the home.


this shop was not something i set out to do but was a succession of events.  we can never fully know where our paths will lead us but we can know that everyting we have experienced will contribute to where we are today.


do what you love, love what you do.


a succession of events and past experiences have led me to this point in life and why i do what i do today. 


i have always loved antiques, repurposing and found objects. my parents frugality rubbed off on me probably due to them living through the Great Depression and WW2. this way of life had most likely fueled my passion for the love of old and forlorn pieces. 


i was taught to sew when i was 7 years old which instilled in me a love for creating beautiful and practical items for the home. while in highschool, i worked in the hardware department of a local store that led to my love of working with power tools.  the journey continued with art classes in high school, a college degree in fashion 

design/retail merchandising, working several years in the retail management field, and participating in local craft shows while raising our family.  

i've taken various classes or was self-taught in areas from interior design to photography. more experience was gained with opening an etsy shop for several years before embarking on working alongside a local builder & interior designer in the parade of homes 2012-2014. lastly, my husband's desire to buy the property on which "inspired" is located has led me to the path i am on today.

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